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No cookie cutters

I recently read an introduction for the Spring line of Maxwell Fabrics and they described how "Interior style is surging away from the now ubiquitous cookie-cutter, ultra-minimalist Scandi interiors of years past."

Yes, well said.

-Farm Wall decor started out as unique "finds" and are now mass produced and found everywhere.

-Bare windows let in too much sun allowing your new furnishings and hardwood floor to fade.

-Grommets on curtains belong in the shower or out on the patio. Burlap belongs on feed sacks. You get it.

At Fichi Interiors we don't want your home and work place interior decor to look like everyone else. Let us help you find your Happy Mix.

Decorating takes your valuable time and resources. Get help and save both.

And I must admit I really do like cookies made with cookie cutters especially Sand Tarts that are so popular in Central PA.and especially if someone else makes them for me!

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